Filmic First Generation:

Chris Duncan

Christina Bender

Emily Lyon

Joe Kasper

Josh Buoy

Nic Ureño

Roddy Hyduk

Stephanie Hamel

Steve Coffey

Taylor Davis

        Back in 2010, a group of U-M students got together with a single goal: to tell the highest quality stories through video on the Michigan campus. Their majors were diverse, ranging from business to pharmacy to, of course, Screen Arts & Cultures. While their specific skill sets varied, they were collectively passionate about the moving image, and discovered that by working together they could make better films than each could alone. They called their collaboration “Filmic.”

        Soon after its founding, Filmic was presented with the opportunity to start telling stories about Michigan, working with administrators across the University – in Student Life, Development, Athletics, and Admissions to name just a few – to chronicle the student experience through film. And thus, Filmic became U-M’s first student-led creative production company. Over the years, Filmic has solidified its reputation as one of the preeminent makers of creative video content for Michigan, having produced dozens of classic films about the maize and blue. Each year, the organization recruits new diverse, ambitious filmmakers, all equally passionate about their school and about maintaining the highest standards of production quality.

        Filmic’s core credo – “Cinema Everywhere” – stems from a collective belief that any story can be made cinematic and impactful, and its members bring that energy to every project they take on.